Haugh Units

To measure the haugh unit of an egg, it has to be cracked open on a leveled plate of glass after weighing it .

Then the height of the albumen has to be measured with the albumen height gauge with a distance of about 1 cm to the yolk.

The formula for the calculation of Haugh-Units is:


  • HU = Haugh-Unit
  • h = measured height of the albumen in mm
  • w = mass of the egg in gramm

The calculation is automated within our software.

Alternatively a table can be used to evaluate the data.



Haugh-Unit-Software (Screenshot)

Yolk colour

The egg yolk color is traditionally expressed in “Roche values” of 1 to 15.

The name “Roche” refers to the company Roche, which released the colour fan shown below a few years ago. Roche was acquired by DSM Nutrition Products GmbH a few years ago.

Our measurement devices work with a R-G-B-sensor which filtercurves work similiarly to the human eye (3-area method).

Using the red, green and blue ratio our software calculates the L*a*b data to determine the Roche-value. The software saves the L*a*b ratio and the Roche-value.

Microprocessor technology

We develop individual electronic circuits for different customers.

We mainly use AVR- and Cortex-M3 processors.

  • Measuring Technique
  • Data acquisition
  • Electronic control systems
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

The production of electronic components developed by us is done by qualified suppliers.

Shell strength

The shell thickness is determined with a special micrometer.
A “normal” micrometer screw has two parallel measuring surfaces. These are unsuitable for the determination of the shell thickness due to the curvature of the eggshell.  Therefore we supply a special rounded contact surface. Matching the micrometer we offer a convenient holder for the micrometer.